Rays Custom Tackle serving the commuity sice 1989

How We Got Started

  I started back in Oct of 1989. Serving the local community. Sold for 30+ years at the World Largest Berryessa Flea Market. Still supplying Vendors there. Also smaller stores on a jobber basis. Love fishing. I can sit all day and not catch a fish but for the enjoyment of getting out. tested many lures. in transition period, purchased a 5000 square foot, store front, but it needs major renovations. Rule never buy a building site unseen. But price was right.

My Store is closed only few days a year. Every Holiday doesn't matter what holiday, In 3rd week of July for ICAST Show. all employees are required to attend. I never see them there. but what is there to do in Las Vegas or Orlando. Super bowl, World Series, Employee's Birthdays, and any reason to not work. Lot of my customers have our bumper stickers. "Work is for Those who don't Fish" going to try to bring those back if cost comes down.

 We strive for less then 12 hour processing.  Products may come out of 3 different locations across the USA. I strive to sell mostly American made products. But we all know that it's hard finding them. Not much is made here anymore. We try to stock every color and size. Even discontinued ones. Because we know it work for someone.

If you need something, Can't Find it email us. I'm right by Google (mistake 20,000 people to 1 trying to get to work). They are great finding things. They have a building of people that search for stuff.